I Won't Fly Because of the TSA

Over the past six months, I've slowly made the decision that I will not fly commercially until the TSA enhanced security measures are removed. Commentary on the issue is widely available, but I wanted to post some of the things that have caused me to come to the conclusion I have.

Below are some videos, articles, and quotes from people who have some personal (way too personal) experience with the TSA.

Former Miss USA in Tears After Being "Searched"

6-Year Old Girl Groped in Security Line

Pregnant Teacher Harassed for "Explosives"
"The lady then called for backup because they said they found “traces of explosives” on my hands. I asked if it was policy to search and profile young pregnant women who obviously did not come into contact with ANYTHING explosive or dangerous, and asked why they searched my wallet without asking me. They did not respond."
Read about the whole incident here.

Woman Accused of Embezzlement by TSA for Having Checks in Pocket
"Everything in my purse was out, including my wallet and my checkbook. I had two prescriptions in there. One was diet pills. This was embarrassing. A TSA officer said, 'Hey, I've always been curious about these. Do they work?'
Read more here.

Rape Victim Refuses Intrusive Pat-Down, Thrown to Ground and Handcuffed

Another Woman in Tears Because of Invasive Search
I started to cry…. "I don't want you to touch me," I said again… It didn't matter. Latex fingers felt under my bra, inside my waistband, all with a Southern accent narrating. "Now I'll touch your breasts. Now your stomach." It went on. "Now turn around."
Read the whole thing here.

You can find plenty of similarly disturbing stories here:
We Won't Fly.
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