Is Facebook Making Us Depressed?

I'd like to point you to an article by Dr. Russell Moore that makes a great point: we only show and tell the good parts of our lives online, for the most part. So when you look at Facebook, it tends to depress you because it seems like everyone else is having so much more fun than you.

Take a look here. Dr. Moore is always worth reading and I thought this one particularly worthy of sharing. Moore says:

Slate magazine cites a paper in a social psychology journal that started with an observation about how college students felt more dejected after logging on to Facebook. There was something saddening about “scrolling through others’ attractive photos, accomplished bios, and chipper status updates.” The students’ moods were darkened because they believed everyone else was happier than they are.

Journalist Libby Copeland speculates that Facebook might “have a special power to make us sadder and lonelier.” How can this be, though, when Facebook is generally so, well, happy, brimming with smiling faces and beautiful families? Well, that’s just the point.

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