My stay in West Virginia

This weekend I spent the longest continuous period of my life in West Virginia. I know what you're thinking... But really, it was ok. I went skiing with the youth group of FBC London, KY. It was a great weekend. How could it not be when skiing is involved? Really?! I love skiing and I hadn't been in 4 years or so. It took a minute or two to get the feel back for it, but before too long I was back to my normal downhill skiing self.

I actually did pretty good. I didn't fall at all before lunch. I fell a few times after lunch. Only one of them was a really good spill. It hurt for a few minutes, but I was ok. I've been a little sore the last 2 days, which is to be expected. But that's ok. It reminds me that few of the best things in life are painless. Sure, I may be a little sore now, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

We had a great time with the youth. I did the music for our 3 worship sessions. It's always fun to get out of the seminary atmosphere for a little while and be involved in some "real ministry." It reminds me why I'm here. it's to prepare me for when I am out in a church so I can do my job better then. It makes me want to be out there, but it also reminds me of the importance of making the most of my time here.

There are some pictures of the ski trip on the Picture Gallery page.

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