Second week of class

The first week of class has come and gone and it feels good and strange at the same time to think that I've started my last year of seminary. I promising job opportunity surfaced near the end of last week so there may be some news forthcoming on that subject soon.

I got to practice some more tonight for youth worship at J-town Baptist. One of the youth plays drums and we got to play some tonight. He joined right in and it looks like he will be a great addition to the violin/guitar sounds we've got right now. I'm hoping that I'll be able to add a bass guitar soon and female vocal. I'll try to take my video camera up to church one Wed night and post a clip of us leading worship on my website. I won't be leading worship this week because the youth group is going to see the "Power Team" at a local high school. Don't worry I'll have my camera and bring a full report on that event! Until next time...
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