Back in Louisville

Well the trip to Texas was awesome. Whenever I go back to Dallas, I feel like I'm really just coming back from a long break. It still feels like home.

The conference was really good. Os Guinness did an incredible job. I think the main theme I got out of his talks was the need for evangelicals to recover or discover a theology of calling. His point was that everyone should see excelling at their job as a ministry and not that the only "spiritual" line of work was some type of church or ministry work.

Visiting DBU was great and getting to see all my professors and others around campus. The campus looks good, as always (except for the fact the lake was green and matched the grass, see the Picture Gallery). Dr. Bell and crew are still doing well. I got to sit in on Hermeneutics and it brought back tons of great memories.

Seeing everyone at FBC Cedar Hill was probably the highlight. A bunch of my youth are about to graduate and head off to college at the end of the summer. I miss being up there with them and getting to teach and lead worship on Wed nights. I did get to teach Wes' Sunday School class on Sunday AM and taught the youth on Wed PM. Both of those seemed to go really well. It reminds me how much I miss getting to preach, but I know I'll have all the opportunity I want coming up here in a year or so.

Of course the visit to Texas was too short and here I am again in KY. At least the weather has gotten better, its been in the upper-70's both days since I've been back. Hope it keeps up! You never know here, it still might snow before the week is over.

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