Has it been a week?

Time flies when you're writing papers and reading books! Has it really been almost a week since I've written on this thing? (Perhaps a more interesting question would be if anybody really knows its been a week...)

The interesting story of this week came out of my Practice of Ministry class. We learned about baptism this week... by baptizing each other, that is! Yeah, we went to a church in the area, put on our swim suits, and got in the baptistry 4 at a time. Then, we took turns "baptizing" the other three people in our group. Now this was funny.

One of the guys that "baptized" me forgot the fact that you're supposed to make sure the person goes entirely under the water. My head stayed completely dry. I wasn't quite sure what to do. I started to walk back to the steps but then I just busted out laughing and told the guy my head didn't go under. So we tried it again. You see why its a good idea to practice a few times before you actually have to do it in front of a church. I know that guy was sure happy to get a few dry runs... (sorry that was terrible...)

Until next time...

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