The beginning of the end

Time for my first blog of 2006. I didn't write over the break like I wanted, but hey, its a break! Actually the last real break of my academic career. (I guess there is also Spring Break, but thats just a week so I'm not counting it for these purposes.) But the good news is that classes are about to start. Good news you say? Yes! Because its my last semester and graduation is coming soon. May 19th to be precise. After that, I'm no longer a student for the first time in my life I can remember! What will life be like without research papers and finals? I'll know in about 4 months or so.

In other news, I've been sending my resume out some over the break to different conventions, associations, and churches. Hopefully some search committee will like it and give me a call one of these months coming up so I will have something to do after I graduate. Seriously though, I am really looking forward to finding a church and getting started as a pastor in a few months.

Things at church are going well. I really love getting to lead worship for the youth at church on Wednesday nights. I also just started teaching an adult discipleship class on Sunday nights as well. We are reading and discussing C. S. Lewis' book Mere Christianity. Our first class was this past Sunday and I felt like it went well. The people in the class said they enjoyed it. Sometimes people say stuff like that to be nice, but I think they really did like it.

I think thats all for now. I'll try and not take a month to update again.
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